Global Warming & Water Wars: vision of the future

Selected works by international artists 
(in alphabetical order)
from the open call
Global Warming & Water Wars: your vision of the future

All images are copyright to their respective owners
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What the exhibition presents is how each artist interprets the vision of a possible future determined by the behavior of man towards the Planet Earth 
that seems to be at risk of a real collapse: introspective visions, moods and inner motions, condemnations and warnings, about the rapid climate changes, 
the scarcity of potable water, the advance of the desert, submerged territories 
or disappearance of glaciers, the feeling of a humanity survived the catastrophe 
or deleted, but also the hope of a not necessarily dramatic future

- photography -
© Abdolrahman Mojarrad

Pollution night mare

- graphic -
© Ade

Water shortage

- poster -
© Ahmad Vojdannezhad

Silent agony

- graphite and charcoal on cardboard -
© Amirreza Vahabi Amlashi

©  Angela Alexander Lloyd


- photography -
© Angelo Secondini

Tales through the eyes of a refugee



 - drawing -
© Anis Tabaraee

Red lines
- video -
© Arezoo Bghsheikhi 

Ice melt at the poles

- poster -
© Atabay

To melt

- acrylic on canvas -
© Aylin Marandi

Roar & Shock in the Animal Kingdom

In a catastrophic moment, the blistering sun expels its heat upon the melting glaciers and tides run high over the land! 
The animal kingdom is at first bewildered and then suddenly is gripped in a feverish frenzy.
Mass confusion reigns as God's creatures scramble and scatter hither and yon.
Birds hastily take flight, sea dwellers propel themselves wildly through warming waters 
and land animals dash and dart in disarray over this orb we call earth!

- ink and black marker -
© Barbara Della Femina

Mother Nature ravaged by oil pipe line pollution

- pencil -
 © Bob Hilger

L'implorazione per l'acqua (Begging for water)

Dalle rovine del mio vecchio tempio ti imploro , 
O acqua, alza le tue onde , abbi pietà di questa terra arida e sofferente


Lo Spirito Dell'Albero (Tree Spirit)

Il deserto avanza a passo di gigante. 
Alberi ormai senza fogliame, preoccupati per un futuro incerto, 
aspettano ansiosamente una provvidenziale goccia di acqua salvatrice...

- acrylic on canvas -
© Corinne Tomas

Otra Vendimia (Other Vintage)

Celebrating World Peace

- collage, poetry -
© Daniel de Culla




- photography -
© Daniele Virgilio 

Girl with her pet in a landscape

Where the green is gone

Let's Fly Away To a Better Place

- acrylic on canvas -
- acrylic & pastel on canvas -
- woodcut print on paper -
© Durgaprasad Bandi

Marte (Mars)

- sculpture -
© Fabrizio Pedrali


Similarity between the cooking pot and the planet…!

- digital photography -
© Fatemeh Naderi

What silence brings

The impact of humanity on the natural landscape, 
and our responsibility to take care of our planet

- ink on silk -
© Gareth Bunting

There is no Saving a World Which is Bent on Destroying Itself

- digital -
© Grey Cross


- video - 

Popular Science - for Renewable Energy

© Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Water Wars

- graphic -
© Hamed Pirayeshnia

Water Music
The beauty, joy, and movement of water.
Humans must learn to protect our planet's water and begin to live sustainably and in harmony 
with our planet and with the other life on Earth

Shadow of Water Music
In some human communities, clean drinking water is scarce or completely unavailable. 
And of course, no corporation or government should be able to own our water and dole it out as they see fit

Water Music & Shadow of Water Music

- sculpture -
© Harriette Lawler

Original und Falschung (Original and fake)

- collage photography -
© Horst Tress

First Aid Box

- poster -
© Hossein Abdi

Water War

The land that has lost surface water in the future
The red warrior fish that swims without water
Red warning sign and the warrior's fish represent a war of water in the near future

- sculpture -
© Hamid Forughyrad


- digital -
© James Wodarek

Sol og måne (Between the Sun and the Moon)

- graphic -
© Jaromir Svozilik

Vertidos - Hijos de una misma tierra (Waste  - Children of the same land)

- acrylic on canvas -
© Jessica Gonpra

The great destroyer

Under a dark sky

In the garden of grace and  chaos web

Fears and angst in regard to this potentially catastrophic event

- photography -
© John D'Onofrio

Epsilon Eco Dance

- fibers hemp, bamboo, pins, pearls on canvas -
© Karen Colville


- photography -
© Kianoush Saadati

World relative

- collage -
© Lars Schumacher

Ripopolazione (Repopulation)

- watercolor pencils and felt tip pens on paper -
© Leonardo Nazzareno Enea

Toxic River

 - oil on metal -
© Lisa Reindorf

Wish she could take her habitat like a fish from the river

- calcography -
© Mahboobeh Esfandiary

One hundred years later

- oil pastel, acrylic,olor pencil on cardboard -
© Mahdie Jafari

All are losers

- poster -
© Majid Haghighi

Last Survivor

- photography -
© Majid Hojati

Sua vizão de futuro (Your Vision of the future)

I have hope

- digital -
© Maria Darmeli Araujo

 © Maryam Alemomen

- photography -

Saffron Tears

- video -

© Matlakas

One day the earth will be killed

- Installation / video -

© Mehdi Ashrafi Varzideh

The Greenhouse Effect

The Last Bus

- collage -
© Michael Leigh

New York Harbor Scene

- watercolor -
 © Michael Mendel

About womens` safety

Security and peace of greatest blessing that many people are having denied.
In the hope that no one will lose their homes because of war and politics


I assume the contemporary world is so much scary that better to don't spend a night for scarring people. 
We must remember world needs kindness and love

- illustration -
© Mohammad Barrangi

One Path and Some Look
Ruins and the pressure which human imposes on the earth through war, technology and industry
Nonetheless, the earth preserves its nature and appearance till the moment of disintegration

- consolidated composition -
© Mohammadreza Aminitari

The Ref

Ringside: Don King, the Koch Brothers, international environmentalists Chico Mendes, 
Wangari Maathai, Edward Abbey and Aldo Leopold watch the earth being beaten by humans

Wherever You Go

There You Are

- oil, sculpture, paper, fabric, found objects on canvas -
© Nancy Calef

Water remains a few seconds

- poster -
© Navid Talebi


Bad feeling of polar fridges melting, forests catching fire and rainfall reduction in the World. 
I feel bad about the thirst of planet earth

- sculpture -
© Nazi Arkian

No name
© Niknaz Niknejad

Children of the war

War is like a quagmire sucking us down and swallowing us, breaking our hearts as it rages. 
Children most of all are affected by war.  Their young minds are bewildered by the senseless violence of adults. 
They grow up but even when peace has come they bear the scars.

- video -
© Olga Guse


- pencil, silver pen , charcoal and oil on cardboard -
© Omid Shayan

Tears and fish

- soft pastels on suede paper -
© Parisa Farokhbakht

Gold water
Water is the golden water that comes out of the earth, because gold should appreciate it

Total Death
The absence of contaminated weather will have no effect on destruction

- photography -
© Parsa Masiha  - Issa Abbaspour

In Drought Prison

- acrylic and printing -
© Pary Shahivandy

Human drink oil

- mailart / mixed technique on  envelope -
© Sait Toprak

Water, the rhythm of life

Map of the world in the future

- graphic design -
© Sepideh Aghaei

Bianco infinito (Infinite white)
passo senza terra. 
amante dei prati verdi
tra queste parole fumanti
un cielo atomico
bianco infinito

- collage -
© Stefano Sansoni

After the great heat

After the great heat

The Great Flood

- digital -
© Tammy Mike Laufer  

World cremation

- digital -
© Victor Femenias von Willigmann

Einde (End)

- digital -
© Wasted Angel

Save the Arctic from melting

Water is as thick as blood

- digital -
© Zahra Khadem Shariat

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