Selected works by international artists 
(in alphabetical order)
from the open call

All images are copyright to their respective owners
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This exhibition is a celebration of high value of human being,
a topic really important specially in this time of history 
where all rights so painstakingly conquered 
seems wants to be deleted

Walk in the kingdom
- drawing inks -
© Abeer Adel Ali

6 Million
- video -

The video instalation presents a death timer that counts down the approximate number
of murdered jews by the hand of german nazis.
The audio part combines sounds of common life routine and Hitler's speech from the year 1933,
where he gloryfies his nation.
Video part transfers his words and equalizes them with actions that were taken,
turning the photos and people to ashes.

F*** stands for Family
- video -

Put on your headphones to get excited of this family drama with 5.1 surround sound effect.
Audio story is based on a dramatic scenario, when a husband comes back home and catches his wife in a hands of a lover. Trying to deal with this situation, he finds out only one solution.
The approach of the language that actors use - the mix of serbian and macedonian - is confusing us and making us to rely only on our perceptions to understand the situation. The leak of video part forces us to feel the emotions of the two main characters and to understand their perplexity on our own skin.

© Alena Kolesnikova
- video art, experimental -
(Czech Republic)

 The Man Who Sleeps On Buses
- acrylic on paper -
© Alistair Ayres

The Opening of Doors
- acrylic, phosphorescent gel on canvas -

A Warm Place
- acrylic, nails on canvas -
© Andrew Cole

People`s behavior
- drawing -
© Anis Tabaraee

The 12
- digital painting -
© Barney Ogola

How freedom ended

 Together we are strong

- drawing -
© Bernhard Zilling

Día de playa (Beach's day)

Calor humano (Human warmth)

Irme del país (Leave the country)

- aquaforte, aquatint, hand colored -
© Blanca Saccomano

Life & Death
- drawing -
© Daniel De Culla

- photography -
© Daniele Virgilio

- video -
© Diana Galimzyanova

- acrylic, pen -
© Éda Gyenis

- mixed media -
© Elkemel Mabrouk

 Fun and play
- photography -
© Fatma Ramadan

Guitarra y el mundo (Guitar and the world)
- digital -
© Francisco Sánchez Gil

 To be gone
- photography -
© Huijie Zhu

 Birth of Man
- mixed media -
© Igor Zusev

- photography -
© Ingeborg Henrichs

 I Want To Create A World...
- video -
© Inspiring Alien Creations

Lo bienamado (The well-loved)

Poema de los atomos (Poem of atoms)

Por el sendero de la fe (On the path of faith)

Series: "As human as divine"
This series deals with the human and spiritual dimension of the human being 
through the different ways and the different ways of approaching God: 
through prayer, meditation and the following of all those who through their experiences, studies, teachings and writings, however diverse they may be, they all lead to the same path, which is none other than that of inner growth, 
spiritual growth, of re-knowledge, of encounter with oneself, 
with the environment and with the supreme being regardless of the name 
or adjective that is assigned to that supreme being or god, in any of its manifestations or representations.

- digital -
© Jesús Miguel Morales

Goodwill brides
About colonialism, freedom, migrating to the US and the tension between staying or leaving the island
- photography -
© Jorge Fusaro
(Puerto Rico)

Conversaciones secretas (Secret conversations)
- oil on canvas  -
© Liliana Cortina

 The Solipsist
- oil on canvas -
© M Gossett

Golden Idiol

Stunned City

- hardground, aquatint, liftground  -
© Mahboobeh Esfandiary

The Prophets Hypothesis

The Stowaway

What Goes Up Must Come Down
- oil and acrylic on canvas
© Michael Marks

A Final Farewell
- mixed media -
© Michael Mendel


Bentley Blockade. The battle is won, time for reflection

 The yellow cowboy

 - photography -
© Neil Howe

- video -
© Noel Molloy

 Hombre humo (Smoke man)
- ink on paper -
© Oscar Salamanca

Animalistic and Humanly

Tower of Babel

- acrylics on wood -
© Poul Poclage

Women abuse
- acrylic on canvas -

Mediterranean Immigrant
- acrylic collage on paper  -

© Raja Oshi

Range of Flight
- oil on canvas -
© Riddhima Sharraf

- mail art -
© Ruggero Maggi

Not going anywhere
- acrylic and mixed technique on plywood -
© Sigal Yaar

- etching, aquatint  -
© Swarup Manna 
Binary Affections



- graphic -
© Tchello d'Barros

Grow old
- digital -
© The Wasted Angel


Humanitas kaj Ekologio (Humanitas and Ecology)
Ecological dimension and aspects of humanitas and culture
- poetry-
© Wolfgang Guenther

Human factory

Who we are

- painting, mixed media -
© Yasmein Hassan

Purgatory of living
- performance with tree and yarn -

I'm With You to the End
- church pew fabric and foam -

© Zac Benson