Magna Mater

Selected works by international artists
(in alphabetical order)
from the open call
Magna Mater

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The Earth is a living breathing organism too much suffering lately cause of the damage provoked by the continuous, massive, predatory and irresponsible exploitation of all resources. 
The Earth is a creative but also destructive divinity
Magna Mater exhibition therefore aims to be a tribute to wealth, variety, strength 
of the Nature of Planet Earth
wants to be a homage to the Nature of the planet Earth

- watercolor -
© Ana D'Alameida

On the Ferris Wheel to the Sky
- photography -
© Alexander Limarev

Morning Light

Twisted Branches

Searching Roots

- painting -
© Angela Allaway

Sicilia - Il Grande Respiro seconda serie - altri mondi
(Sicily - The Great Breath second series - other worlds)
- photography -
© Angelo Secondini

- drawing -
© Anis Tabaraee

Eternal Youth

Birds tell a thousand tales

- mixed media, hand made, digital  -
© Ashima Kumar

Moment of green laurel
- oils pastels -
© Anthony Acri

The power of trees

Spring will come again!

Von wegen nur Bäume (Not Only Trees)

- digital, poetry -
© Bernhard Zilling

La Bougainvillea
The Bougainvillea is in a difficult situation because of the environmental variation and the reduced mobility to which it confines its rooting. The Bougainvillea perceives that its alarming botanical situation needs a drastic situation.
- video -
© Carles Pàmies



- photography -
© Christoph Woloszyn

Earth Day
- drawing -
© Coco Huang

The Mother
- collage -
© Damian Botner

Magna Mater: Nature of Planet Earth Earth, First
- mail art -
© Daniel De Cuilla



- photography -
© Daniele Virgilio

Alma stands for nourishing symbol of mother Earth. 
It is a homage to the Nature as our breastfeeding mother

- illustration -
© Dariia Nezhuha

- photography -
© Davoud Izadpanah

Sobre La Faz
Reminiscent of natural phenomena occurring over millennial in landscapes

- mixed media -
© Eduardo Salas/Levy Studios

Madre natura - concepimento di incanto e meraviglia
(Mother nature - conception of enchantment and wonder)
- mail art/collage -
© Elisa Battistella

River Rite(s)

Grass Shifting

Ecology of Fallen Leaves

- video performance -
© Elly Stormer - Vadseth

Star & Bucket
- photography -
© Emma Sywyj



- photography -
© Emma Zukovic

- pencil, watercolor, paper -
© Fatemeh Aleyasin

Waves of grace


All atwitter

- photography -
© Hal Moran

The Relationship Between the Drawn and Found Image
- collage, ink, khadi paper -
© Heba Rena Yassin

Flaneur Zen Chicken
flaneuse chickens wandering into various situations such as prehistory trees, ikebana classes, and floral arrangements

- ink, rubber stamps, stencil and paint -
© Honoria Starbuck

Air Water Land

Moose river

Fox with flowers

- digital drawing -
© Ildiko Nova

The old tree

Daisy & leaves

- photography -
© Ingeborg Henrichs

- digital -
© Iosif Mihailo

Planeta Terra
- digital -
© Janys Oliveira

Latent Voice
I evoke the voice representing the hidden, creative/destructive power of the mass of flowing water. 
In this way I enable the audience to attune to the river’s melody 
and step out of the sphere of everyday experience: to go beyond the surface

- video recordings -



L’ Orbiquet

© Jarek Lustych

Kloder (Globes)
- in gouache on paper  -
© Jaromir Svozilik

My body as an extension of nature and nature as an extension of my body

- photography -

I am bringing life and death back to nature. I am bringing nature back to nature

- sculptural installation -

© Jemima Hall

Mantra de la tierra y del viento (Mantra of earth and wind)
- digital -
© Jesus Morales

Mother of All Things Wild
Ancient fertility figures were faceless entities. honor that tradition by choosing to express the essence of Mother Nature as a void from which all creativity and life manifests

Plants Speak to Me

- digital drawing  -
© Johanna Porter

In the Beginning I Am
- video performance -
© Katherine Brannen

Christmas cutie

Unusual friendship

In the jungle

- photography  -
© Kristýna Kvapilová
(Czech Republic)

Libertad y Belleza (Freedom & Beauty)
- oil on canvas -
© Liz Banegas

Purple Dew - Sonatas and Nocturnes in G
- photography -

Mountain - Sonatas and Nocturnes in G
- wood, painting, olive oil and vinegar, photography, digital -

- photography -

© Lola Awada

- photography -
© MarcoMattozzi

- photography -
© Marina Salmaso

 Plodnost gleda svojo stvaritev (Fertility looks at its creation)
- sculpture in bronze -
© Marina Žlender

 The whale


- photography -
© Meead Akhi

- painting -
© Milène Evers
(The Netherlands)

Life succesion
- printmaking -
© Mohammad Barrangi

Exersises in Conscious Listening Forest
- Video -
© Monika Tobel

Chicken of the Forest

Natures Natural recycling
- sculpture -
© Patricia Sanders / Serendipity

Silver Bird
- glass fusion -
© Pejo

- intaglio on handmade pineapple paper -
© Rachel Singel


- photography -
© Rebecca Cairns

- x-ray and moss -
© Renata Salles

A general sense of absences hidden in the terrain

The Slow multiplicity of over nurtured haze

Tangled verdant departing and returning to glimmering surrender

- digital collage, photography, three dimensional rendering -
© Richard-Jonathan Nelson

Gone to seed


- photography -
© Robert Matejcek

Fat Lady of Malta
- oil on canvas backed board -
© Rosa Magee

Shrine v2.4.5
- video -
© Semiosphera

Life Death and the Space Inbetween

Blues in the Garden

- painting -
© Scott McIntire

- photography -
© The Wasted Angel

- digital photography -


- mixed media -

© Timka Szőke

Illusion of Hydrosphere
Sphere water covers a large part of our world. So big that you can imagine in the illusion of the moment as a separate sphere, which overwhelms the world as a multidimensional reality merges with it, both inside and outside. Is one.

- video -
© Tina Šulc

- land art -
© Two Circles Design / Mark Antony Haden and Rebecca Ford

- drawing-

 Torres del Paine
- xylograph -

© Victor Femenias von Willigmann

Varro and Jess
- photography -
© Willie Robb